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    About Us

    About Us

    The Academy Trust is led by a Board of Directors which includes members of the Governing Bodies, representatives of the Bishop of Rochester and the Diocesan Board of Education. A Chief Executive has overall responsibility for the Trust and the Primary Academies are led by an Executive Trust Principal working with Heads of School.

    The Principles of Trinitas Academy Trust

    We will build a family of schools where strong Christian values are at the centre of everything we do.

    We will share responsibility for all of the children in all of the schools.

    We will recruit high quality staff because the quality of Trinitas Academy Trust is determined by the quality of those who work within it.

    We will value our staff by respecting their professional competence, through robust monitoring, challenge, and support and by rewarding them for their contribution to Trinitas Academy Trust.

    We will ensure outstanding achievement for children and staff by being strategic, aspirational and not afraid to innovate.

    We will teach our children through a curriculum that engages and motivates them, celebrates success, meets their individual needs and prepares them for the future.

    We will provide the best possible learning environment, which is inspiring both pupils and staff.

    We will ensure that the systems within the Trust and the organisation of the Trust are coherent, robust and offer best value for money.

    We will be wholly committed to promoting the Anglican Ethos of the Trust by being distinctive yet inclusive.

    We will hold true to our values and aspirations, without compromise.

    The resources of all schools are used to provide a stimulation learning environment which inspires children to do their best. The trust is distinctive in its values but inclusive in its nature.

    We are:

    ·         Determined to build a family of schools with outstanding outcomes for all pupils

    ·         Committed to a strong Christian ethos at the centre of everything we do.

    ·         Recruiting high quality teachers and leaders to make a significant contribution at the start of this new partnership

    ·         Looking for people who are passionate about what they do and know how to motivate children.

    The three schools in the Trust work together on all aspects of teaching and learning but still retain their individual character.

    Who can Join?

    Faith and Non-Faith Schools

    Like-minded schools who will sign up to our principles

    Schools that will embrace and develop our Trinitas Learning Values and Trinitas Leadership Expectations.


    Trinitas Learning Values

    • Self-regulation results in deeper learning.
    • Transferable skills result in applicable learning.
    • Quality Evaluation results in visible learning.
    • An Inspiring Curriulum which results in a love of learning.