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    Please see the foot of this page for the Register of Interests. The document is under revision and the new version can be found here soon.


    Chairman of Governors of Lead Sponsor Canon David Herbert  
    Bishop of Rochester Bishop James  
    Area Dean of Erith Rev Julie Conalty (from 24/10/2014)
    RDBE Representative Mr Alex Tear  
    Archdeacon of Bromley & Bexley Ven Dr Paul Wright (Director 07/03/2011-27/03/2015)


    Foundation Directors Mrs Valerie Carrier 11/07/2013
      Mr Bill Price 07/03/2011 (renewed 07/03/15)
      Mr Alex Tear 11/07/2013
      Ms Sian Goodlad 21/11/2014
      Canon Antony Lane 07/03/2011-31/12/16
    Co-opted Director Father Clive Jones 01/09/2015-11/07/2016
      Mr Matthew Phillips 12/10/2015
    Chief Executive Mr Ian Collins 07/03/2011
    Deputy Chief Executive Mrs Beverley Gardner 11/07/2013
    Chairmen of LGBs Canon David Herbert 07/03/2011 (renewed 07/03/2015)
      Mrs Heather Taylor 11/07/2013
      Mrs Valerie Carrier 01/09/2015


    Finance & Audit Academic Monitoring SLT Pay Staffing & Pay
    Mr F W Price (Chairman) Canon David Herbert (Chairman) Canon David Herbert (Chairman) Canon David Herbert (Chairman)
    Mrs Valerie Carrier Mrs Valerie Carrier Mr F W Price Mrs Valerie Carrier
    Mr Ian Collins (CE) Mr Ian Collins (CE) Mrs Jan Stoddard (HR Director) * Mr Ian Collins (CE)
    Mrs Beverley Gardner (DCE) Mrs Beverley Gardner (DCE)   Rev Julie Conalty
    Mr Alex Tear (RDBE) Ms Sian Goodlad   Mrs Beverley Gardner (DCE)
    Mr Matthew Phillips Mrs Heather Taylor   Mrs Lynne Wainwright
    Mrs Jane Howling (Trust Business Manager) *     Mrs Jan Stoddard (HR Director) *
    Mr Sam Luker (Operations Director) *      
        * Observer  

    Local Governing Bodies

      Trinity School Start date
    Appointed Canon David Herbert (Chairman) 01/09/2013
    Appointed Mrs Lynne Wainwright  (Vice Chairman) 01/09/2013
    Appointed  Mr F W Price 01/09/2013
    Appointed Mrs Samantha Dudley 01/09/2013
    Appointed Rev Trevor Wyatt 01/11/2014
    Area Dean/Incumbent Rev Julie Conalty Ex Officio
    Associate Principal      Mr Simon Godden Ex Officio
    Parent Mr Okechukwu Adieze 11/05/2016
    Parent Mrs Adebimpe Olaide-Abidoye 11/05/2016
    Parent Mr Graham Marwood 10/10/2014
    Staff Ms Jacqueline Keenan 06/12/2016
    Staff Mr Duncan White 26/09/2014
    Staff Mrs Cerys Siney 13/10/2016
      Christ Church CofE Primary School Start Date
    Appointed Mrs Heather Taylor (Chairman) 01/09/2013
    Appointed Mr Bernard Clewes (Vice Chairman) 01/09/2013
    Appointed Mrs Eucharia Ifeoma Asiegbu 11/04/2016
    Appointed Ms Gemma Boakes 19/10/2016
    Appointed Miss Ernesta Redwood-Sawyer 11/04/2016
    Area Dean/Incumbent Reverend Julie Conalty Ex Officio
    Principal Mrs Gillian Ball Ex Officio
    Parent Mr Garinderjit Manik 01/11/2016
    Parent Mr David Fanawopo 21/11/2016
    Staff Mrs Natalie Carroll 26/01/2017
    Staff Mrs Rebecca Fitzpatrick 26/09/2014
      St Augustine of Canterbury CofE Primary School Start date
    Appointed Mrs Valerie Carrier (Chairman) 01/09/2013
    Appointed Father David Sherratt 10/12/2013
    Appointed Mrs Donna Ducker 01/09/2013
    Appointed Mrs Monica Sanderson 26/09/2014
    Appointed Mr John Cave 01/09/2013
    Appointed Mr Peter Baker 14/04/2016
    Area Dean/Incumbent Father Clive Jones (Vice Chairman) Ex Officio
    Principal Mr Mark Alexander-Smale Ex Officio
    Parent Mrs Rebecca Janeway 23/01/2017
    Parent Ms Lisa Musker 14/11/2016
    Staff Mr Rob Still 17/12/2014
    Staff Mrs Mary Huq 01/11/2016
    1. Register of Interests 2017