Be Interdependent

  • We  share responsibility for all of the children in all of the schools

  • We communicate confidently and appropriately 

  • We ask ourselves... ‘who needs to know this, who needs to know this?’

  • We use standardised ways of presenting reports and information

  • We share what we want to achieve and work together as much as possible

  • We are adaptable


Be Innovative

  • We get excited and creative

  • We are inspirational

  • We use our initiative

  • We are forward thinking


Be Responsible

  • We are all role models for the Trinitas community

  • We delegate down, never delegate up

  • We adopt the ‘Tell me once’ approach


Be Reflective

  • We regularly and constantly review

  • We keep what works, and we let go of what doesn’t

  • We look for learning opportunities


Be Accountable 

  • We follow policies and procedures

  • We hold each other to account

  • We trust but verify  (Russian Proverb Доверяй, но проверяй (doveryai, no proveryai)

  • We justify our actions by their impact  

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