We believe that all children deserve the best education, and all staff deserve to be valued and developed. Our Trinitas family, Christian faith, and an unrelenting desire to improve society, underpin everything we do. Creativity, compassion and high expectations drive the trust to ensure that every person within its community flourishes.

"It (Trinitas) is like one big family. Everybody is always willing to help /support each other if needed." Staff Survey 2018
"‘Wonderful, happy, caring staff/team. We all want the best outcome for the children. I like that.’" Staff Survey 2018
“Effective support from the academy trust has been instrumental in bringing about the rapid changes to pupils’ achievement.” Ofsted 2016



  • Determined to build a family of schools with outstanding outcomes for all pupils

  • Committed to a strong Christian ethos at the centre of everything we do

  • Recruiting high quality staff and leaders to make a significant contribution 

  • Looking for people who are passionate about what they do and know how to motivate children



  • Faith and Non-Faith Schools

  • Like-minded schools who will sign up to our principles



  • Self-regulation results in the most effective learning

  • Transferable skills result in applicable learning

  • Quality Evaluation results in visible learning

  • An Inspiring Curriculum which results in a love of learning

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